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Health IQ - Dr. Dustin Portela

May 28, 2023

Katie shares her remarkable story of fighting metastatic stage IV melanoma and discusses her path to becoming an advocate for those living with melanoma.

Dr. Portela is a board certified dermatologist and expert in skin health including the diagnosis and treatment of melanoma.

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Feb 13, 2023

Dr. Jennifer Krejci is one of the countries top hair transplant surgeons. She has devoted her career to understanding and treating hair loss disorders with both medical and surgical methods.

Today we cover all of the surgical and non-surgical methods of preserving hair.

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Feb 6, 2023

Dr. Ben Bashline is a board certified dermatologist in Nashville, TN and a longtime friend. We completed residency the same year in Michigan and have seen our career paths mirror each other in many respects. Today we talk about staying healthy despite a busy and hectic life.

We talk about sleep, fitness, nutrition, and...

Jan 23, 2023

Dr. Matthew Elias is a board certified dermatologist at Elias Dermatology in South Florida.

As a procedural dermatologist Dr. Elias is up to date on the latest cosmetic treatments and gives us some insight into new treatments coming in the future.

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Jan 5, 2023

Dr. Craig Kraffert is one of the top dermatologists in the country and a true leader in the skincare space.  In the early days of the dotcom boom Dr. Kraffert founded and built it into the premier skincare marketplace on the internet.  He used his knowledge in skincare to enter a partnership with one of...