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The Dr. Dustin Podcast

Sep 4, 2020

Join Dr. Dustin Portela and his guest, Young Yuh, a well-known skincare influencer, chat about different kinds of skincare products and skincare routines. Young Yuh already had experience in working in the beauty industry before he became famous. His love for skincare is what drove him to start posting his videos on social media. In this episode, he shares his stories, insights, and why reaching out to a dermatologist is important.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The backstory of Young Yuh, a skincare influencer
  • The Korean 10 step skincare routine: Hydration is essential.
  • Ordinary skin care products can work like a miracle and surprise you.
  • Waiting too long in between when applying your products can dry out your skin.
  • Having a regular exfoliation routine is the key to a healthy skin.
  • What is the difference between physical exfoliating and chemical exfoliating?
  • And much more!


About Young Yuh:

I’m a skincare lover at heart with a never-ending hunger to learn as much about beauty as possible. I’ve worked in the Beauty Industry mainly as a salesman for quite some time and was lucky enough to dabble in every department (marketing, social media, e-commerce, logistics, copywriting, etc. forever).


I love sharing my passion for skincare through video tutorials, product reviews, and brand highlights. Everything I showcase has been thoroughly researched, tested, and either given the thumbs up/thumbs down by me. I have no filter. If I need to be brutally honest, I will be brutal and honest.


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