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The Dr. Dustin Podcast

Sep 28, 2020

Join Dr. Dustin Portela and his guest, Hyram Yarbro, while they chat about a wide range of skincare topics. Hyram is one of the most influential skincare creators on the internet. He rose from very humble beginnings of merely posting on his YouTube channel a few times a month to now having more than 3.6 million...

Sep 21, 2020

In this episode I cover a range of questions that were sent in over Instagram or were texted to me through my text community.  (Details to text me on my IG profile). 


We discuss laser hair removal, rosacea, skincare ingredients, which skincare steps are essential. 


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Sep 4, 2020

Join Dr. Dustin Portela and his guest, Young Yuh, a well-known skincare influencer, chat about different kinds of skincare products and skincare routines. Young Yuh already had experience in working in the beauty industry before he became famous. His love for skincare is what drove him to start posting his videos...