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Health IQ - Dr. Dustin Portela

Feb 8, 2022

There is big money to be made in laser sales, so it should come as no surprise that there are bad actors in the laser sales space trying to make a quick buck. We've reviewed lasers before on this channel, and you know that they can be very good at their purpose, but they also carry risk if they are used improperly. A rising phenomenon is the release of counterfeit lasers on the market that are designed to look like, and/or mimic the technology of the lasers currently available on the market. How can you know if your doctor or Medispa is using the real deal or if they have been duped into buying a counterfeit laser? I sit down and talk with Scott Carson, owner of MRP. MRP is a company based in Park City, UT that sells and services lasers. Scott and his team have seen it all and have been concerned with the rise in counterfeit laser technology. I have personally purchased devices from Scott and his team and have witnessed the high ethical standard of the company and experienced the amazing service they provide. Scott shines some light on this emerging phenomenon and provides tips for both doctors, and patients on staying safe.


MRP Website